10 Tips

Your Top 10 Tips for Getting More New Customers, Clients and Fans.

If you skipped ahead and looked at the 10 tips below, you probably noticed that they start with #11 and not #1. There’s a reason for this which is that last week The first 10 tips (making it 20 in all) were placed online by our friends at DigiComArts last week. So if you want to get the first 10 tips you can go here.

Now for the second 10 tips, please scroll down. Enjoy!

Tip #11 – Reach Out to iTunes Podcasts

• If you haven’t visited these sites yet, check out iTunes for lists of podcasts. Pick the top 100 or so that relate to your niche.
• You want to then contact them via email and thank them for the value they provide.
• Ask them if they are looking for other guests.
• You can include a link to your information that relates to their podcast.
• You could even email them a PDF about what you do.

Tip #12 – Approaching Broadcasters (including iTunes)

• In approaching the various broadcasters you want to think in terms of permission marketing.
• Don’t automatically expect to go on their show by asking them flat out to be on their show.
• Query instead with wondering if they do accept guests and can you be helpful with content that relates and will enhance their program.
• Remember to stress the benefits to them about what you do but do not be pushy.
• The idea is to get on their program which means they will likely link to your information which gives you very important backlinks.
• If you have done this client building process thus so successfully then out of a hundred requests you should get 20 or so.

Tip #13 – Make Your Blog List

• When beginning to approach blogs – a process that is a bit more involved – be sure to refresh your keywords.
• What kinds of concepts came into play when you appeared on peoples’ podcasts?
• This will give you ideas on which way to go with keywords, so fine tune your list.
• Your list should be 200 to 300 blog URLs that are a good fit for what you do.

Tip #14 – Contact Blogs

• Now that you have the list it is time to seek out the blogs.
• You contact the blog owner in much the same way that you would with the podcasts.
• You let the blog owner know that you can bring value to her or his blog.

Tip #15 – Your Bio

• You will then work with those blog owners who have accepted your offer by writing a really informative and useful blog post.
• You need to create a bio for this which is a simple description of who you are and what you do.
• Your bio should also include a mention at the end with a link that leads the viewer to your website because of the offer of a free eBook.

Tip #16 – Consider using a Virtual Assistant

• Let’s face it, contacting podcasts and blogs requires a lot of work.
• So a possible strategy you might consider is getting what is known as a VA or Virtual Assistant.
• You can hire such a person at freelancer sites and she or he can help you with using your message to contact the podcast and blog owners regarding the possible booking of you as a guest.
• Your VA will of course include your email so you personally will receive the responses.
• When getting responses you take over at that point.

Tip #17 – Reach out to YouTubers

• When contacting the YouTube channels, consider using your VA to do the actual reaching out with your message for YouTubers.
• The message consists of asking the YouTuber to do a collaboration with you.
• Obviously, you can do this process best if you have a YouTube channel yourself.
• If you do not have a YouTube channel you can offer to the YouTuber some other kind of promotional exchange such as a link to them in your blog.

Tip #18 – Get on the Stage where Your Audience Already is

• Remember it’s not about you solo building an audience but rather getting your message in front of those who already have an audience.
• There are literally millions and millions of audience members out there, so it is up to you to stand on stage where they already are.
• This means working smarter not harder.
• Finding the people with media outlets is the “where” and using a VA to get your message to them is the “how.”

Tip #19 – The List for Directly Contacting Potential Clients

• Which brings us to another method, that of going direct to the client.
• You want to search on a search engine the keywords that your future CLIENTS are trying to use to attract others to them.
• And once you do a search, make note of who are buying ads on the search engine for those specific keywords.
• Next make a list of those people.
• Note: the folks who buy ads to be found are more likely to ultimately become your clients because the act of them buying ads shows they are interested in being involved with the promotional process.

Tip #20 – More on Directly Contacting a Future Client

• Prior we talked about finding those who buy ads. You want to be sure to search Google, Facebook, Instagram and so forth for this.
• You then want to do a hard evaluation of yourself with questions like “Who are these people and what can I do for them?”
• Do you have elements in your portfolio that shows them that you can do work for them?
• If you find businesses and brands that meet this criteria you can then email them or contact them on social media to start a dialogue about their needs.
• Be sure to include a way that they can opt out of receiving emails from you.