woman-looking-at-skylineFor more than a year Art Gush has been known as Lights Camera Read’s online education destination that is teaching a weekly artist-introvert-friendly method for making a film or web series.

But now that the post production phase has been reached in the procedure and the user is safely on her or his way to finishing her or his film/series, the direction is changing.

Still introvert artist friendly (whether you’re an actor, writer, filmmaker, musician or other) Art Gush courses are now tackling the world of web marketing. Social media is by its very name “social” and therefore many introvert artists are not comfortable using it as a part of their online promotional arsenal.

For this reason, Art Gush is offering up a “social media free” nine week program to establish yourself as an expert (assuming you are an expert in something). The same system also has built-in the ability to generate interest in your information products like Amazon Kindle.

And of course, as with the filmmaking methodology, the Art Gush technique for introvert artist cyber selling is outlined in just three steps a day on a per week basis.

The theory behind Art Gush is that introvert artists need an alternative approach to making a name for themselves. Most ways to establish a market identity requires things that introvert artists are not comfortable doing.

Of course, introvert artists often prefer not to even be visible, but with the Art Gush toolset this is also taken into consideraton and how much you are seen is up to you.

Needless to say this is all in keeping with the Artist Introvert Revolution (or A.I.R.) that is helming new opportunities for introvert artists.