Method How You Can Make a Difference

Help Others Want to “give back” because of your gratitude for the life you lead? Have you ever thought about wanting to make a difference in your community? Volunteering is a great way to do this, and whether your volunteering is done online or in-person, there are many opportunities for helping others. Volunteer with What […]

How to Use Your Novel to Inspire Your Film

Can You Get a Development Deal with Netflix? There are many folks who are writing novels, but not quite as many creating feature films. Have you written a novel? Have you been thinking of making it into a motion picture? Truth be told, this process is a lot more involved than you may want to […]

Life is Our Creation

Everyone is Creative Lights Camera Read was created with best of intentions trying to bring USA Creativity to the forefront for young people. If the youth read books and hold creativity in high regard, they will discover that EVERYONE is Creative, no matter who they are. Learning in the Library Creativity is both good and […]

The Evolution of Lights Camera Read

Over the years, Lights Camera Read has evolved from an organization that did their activities in the New York Public Library for kids that has evolved into an educational resource for workshops and other forms of educational activities, now largely for adults. For example, Lights Camera Read recently worked with Home Business Achievers to create […]

Entertainment Entrepreneurship

There was a blog entry recently on the site Entertainment Entrepreneurship regarding the topic of, what else, Entertainment Entrepreneurship and the belief that there’s no business that’s not in show business. Get More Customers, Clients and Fans with Entertainment Entrepreneurship If you are an entertainer or an artist or even a small business owner, you […]

Are you a creator?

Are you a creator? Are you an artisticpreneur? Then you might be interested in NYC Create. NYC Create is the “rebranding” of this website (Lights Camera Read) and the newsletter “NYC Make a Difference.” It was developed to simplify for the user the benefit of being able to learn more about how to promote her […]

Using Social Media for a Campaign

• Should you use social media as an audience building tool? To social or not to social? That is the question. What role does social media really play in your campaign? When we buy something we do so because we believe that it is something that is going to do something for us. If you […]

John Yianni Stamas on Building Your Audience

Time to go back to the central idea – who? Who is your target audience? If you want to build your audience it is highly recommended that you start an email newsletter. Even if this task sounds daunting, or if you think you have nothing to contribute – think. Everyone knows something about a certain […]

John Yianni Stamas Discusses Your Artistic Leads and Fans

Your artistic leads and fans. No matter what kind of an artist you are – actor, writer, painter, game designer and so forth – the way you promote yourself has changed. An artist these days needs to acquire leads to build her or his base. The more people you have in your corner the better. […]

Lights Camera Read 2017 in Retrospect

It is only now, nearly halfway through January, 2018, that we can begin to assess what 2017 was for us at Lights Camera Read in terms of our arts and educational programming and explorations. For starters, this newsletter in 2017 underwent a transformation. Now more than ever we are about providing DIY solutions for artists […]