Celebify to us means to celebrate artists who are making a difference and to help them to stop being starving artists.

That’s also a key aspect of our mission at Lights Camera Read.

Last week we asked you if you thought “Movie Process” was a good alternative name for the new direction our organization is taking which now has an emphasis on filmmaking.

First off, thanks to everyone who responded. Getting your feedback is extremely helpful. Surprising to us was that most of you did not like the term “Movie Process.” We got responses like “It leaves me cold.”

So we are providing you with another possible title which is “Celebify.” Do you like that name? Let us know!

Also, we are in the thick of shooting “Thrillumentary” using the Art Gush three-steps-a-day approach.

So far so good but the weather for filming has not always been cooperative. What do we do? Forge ahead and make it a “rainy day scene” instead!

In other words, when your are engaged in the starving artist transformation process, you can make challenges into lemonade!

May today get you one step closer to not being a starving artist!