If you were not aware of it and have been a fan or participant in Lights Camera Read and the Platinum PIAs, our dear friend Rodger Taylor has passed. He was my partner on the Lights Camera Read project at the New York Library in various locations.

I learned a lot from him and enjoyed our collaborations. Even all these months later I still can’t quite believe he is no longer with us. Maybe I never will.

And he would have been really surprised by the Coronovirus. It took us all by surprise. Suddenly we have been thrust into a dangerous scenario with many unknowns.

In lieu of Rodger no longer being with us and other things, we have decided to end the Platinum PIAs Awards after a very successful 10 year run. We are simultaneously adding the start of a new awards show called The International Magic Day Awards or The Houdini Day Awards.

Although part of the show will involve USA Magicians who are making a difference, anyone and everyone who is considered by others as being “magic” can also be a part of it. More on this as it develops.

Goodbye Rodger, I wish you could be a part of it.