Can You Get a Development Deal with Netflix?

There are many folks who are writing novels, but not quite as many creating feature films. Have you written a novel? Have you been thinking of making it into a motion picture? Truth be told, this process is a lot more involved than you may want to to take on. Unfortunately the times of creating a digital film for Netflix have come and gone. Netflix is now producing their own movies and unless you can get a development deal under their brand for your picture, the reality is that it is going to be difficult to be shown on their streaming platform that has a built in audience of subscribers.

The Old Days Made Things Easier

Remember the the home made low budget thrillers that used to be released bu the now defunct companies such as Blockbusters? This was a time where literally you could grab a camera and film your novel leading to likely getting distribution for it. Home video was eating up content and wanted more and more. People then were more accepting then about getting a roughly made thriller. In the past we used to interview people who made movies literally but doing long takes, with very little editing, next finding a spot for their product on the now defunct Blockbuster.

Getting Your Creativity on Amazon

So what are your options today in terms of self publishing your novel and then getting distribution for the film you make based on your novel? The answer is self publishing and self distribution. You see, once your novel is completed you can put it on Amazon quite easily, to to their site for more information. And using self distribution to get your feature film online is also simple. You could put on Amazon also.

Do You Niche Products?

In other words it is a breeze to publish your novel and get distribution for you movie. The hard part is doing the MARKETING for prompting people to actually PURCHASE you eBook novel or PAY to see your movie in streaming format online. It is not impossible though, especially if you have a niche product on a topic that is of interest to a certain faction of the market that is underserved.

The Solution

In other words, find out an area of interest for which there are people who are looking for books on that subject manner and films as well. Then you can use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and social media and search ads to attract interest and sell you book and motion picture online.