introvert-and-extrovertSteps and artists – especially introvert artists – why are steps important?

The transition from “Starving Artist” to “Artist Entrepreneur” can be especially challenging for introverts. People have asked me, how is it possible for an introvert artist such as myself to do traditionally “extrovert activities” like make a web series (“Thrillumentary”), produce an annual community artists awards show such as the Platinum Pias, successfully run a communications company in NYC for 12 years, or even produce this newsletter (“NYC Make a Difference” by Lights Camera Read)? The answer is that it is all in the steps.

Our plan is to not just to give self-help empowerment to introvert artists, but to provide them with action steps that they are comfortable with. Some say that introverts can never be fully at ease¬†with action steps, especially steps that put introvert artists¬†“out there” doing things such as web marketing. This may well be true – certainly when it comes to the pursuit of creative career success – but I’d like to at least make it less painful.

I believe that there are ways that are not normally explored that could act as a blueprint for introvert artist success. And I’m not talking about the introvert artist posers who are really “shy” extroverts (which isn’t really an introvert in the first place).

There’s a lot written about help for introverts but much of it concerns survival in an extrovert world by trying to adjust to extrovert standards. What I’m most interested in are alternative approaches that make a difference in the steps themselves, steps that only an introvert artist can effectively take. This means that for the first time introvert artists can beat extrovert artists at their own game.

This is why we created the Artist Introvert Revolution (A.I.R.). At first I thought about doing an introvert artist festival, but the irony is that introverts don’t necessarily like to congregate because they’re not particularly social, making a networking event such as a festival challenging to pull off.

So again, it all comes down to choosing action steps that are minimally painful. That’s what the guide in the works (“Web Marketing Strategies for Introvert Artists”) is all about – a road map for introvert artist results.

Do you have any introvert artist success stories to tell? Please share them with us, if you feel up to it.