Artist Introvert Revolution
Several of our guest bloggers are very shy. You are about to meet one of them as we learn more about the Artist Introvert Revolution!

Why Lights Camera Read is a Hub for Introverts

We’ve been asked a couple of times what introversion has to do with Lights Camera Read? The answer is that our main blogger is both an ArtisticPreneur and an introvert who saw a need to get the word out there (ironic because introverts don’t get “out there” they get “in there”) a message of hope for introverts who read Lights Camera Read. Our blogger discovered that a large portion of Lights Camera Read’s readers were not only fellow ArtisticPreneurs but were also extremely shy.

What Does Inwood Manhattan have to do with Being an Introvert?

Our main blogger doesn’t just blog for this website, she sometimes does so at the blog because she is a resident of Inwood Manhattan, a little known part of the city called “Upper Manhattan.” In fact she just put up a blog entry on the Inwood Manhattan site as seen here.

The Revolution is in Full Swing and You’re Invited (as Long as You are an Introvert)!

And as you’ve probably noticed the Lights Camera Read website has a menu item called “Artist Introvert Revolution” that leads to “The Official Page of the Artist Introvert Revolution.” Who knew, the introverts are putting together a revolution! Does that mean that us extroverts better watch out?! Chances are the introverts are not all gathering together in one place at one time because it is kind of anti-introvert to be a part of crowds. The assumption is that they are organizing their revolution online, from the safety of their homes.

Where Are We Going with This?

You know where we’re going with this of course. We’re going to interview the Introvert Blogger herself who for the sake of privacy (introverts don’t fancy publicity) we’ll call I.B. And my name is going to be L.C.R. Not because I want my identity hidden but rather because I want to make our introvert guest feel more comfortable since we’ll both be going by acronyms.

On with the Show!

L.C.R.: Hello I.B. Thanks for joining us.

I.B. My Pleasure.

Great piece on by the way.

Thanks. As an ArtisticPreneur I have a lot of love for Upper Manhattan. In some ways I’m an ambassador for it. It’s one of the reasons I volunteer on the Platinum PIAs each year, to promote downtown the idea that way up here in Inwood is a great place to live, thereby hopefully encouraging more artists of all kinds to join us.

When you say “join us” do you mean introvert artists?

[I.B. laughs]

Just because I tend to be introverted doesn’t mean I don’t like extroverts. Extrovert artists are welcome to move up here too. They’re just not invited to our introverted ArtisticPreneur club meetings.

You have club meetings?

In a manner of speaking. Contrary to popular belief, introvert artists do like to congregate sometimes. Especially if they’re ArtisticPreneurs, they share a common passion. It gives them something to talk about.

Where do you hold these meetings?

I’m not at liberty to say.

So you don’t want to do a plug saying where you meet to get more introverted ArtisticPreneurs to attend?

No. They’ll find us if they need to.


In Conclusion

What did we learn from this post? That extroverts aren’t invited to introvert meetings!