03_get_leads_emailYour artistic leads and fans. No matter what kind of an artist you are – actor, writer, painter, game designer and so forth – the way you promote yourself has changed. An artist these days needs to acquire leads to build her or his base. The more people you have in your corner the better. The difference between what is happening today as relates to the past, is that for the independent artist you now need to develop your own fan base as opposed to leaving it to someone else to do so.

Although building a base can be a challenging problem, it is ultimately much easier than knocking on the industry’s door of your particular art form hoping someone will step up to help you. If you create your own self sufficient method for your career in the arts you are much better off.

But how do you acquire leads and fans for your artistic career? How do you get people to want to follow you? First you need to understand who your fans are. What makes them tick? Can you get very specific about qualities they posses? Once this is accomplished it is then vital that your position on issues matches theirs. You need to be the personification of what they represent and desire.

You, in a sense, become a mirror for your fans. You reflect what they want to see. Sometimes it is a good idea to be somewhat ambiguous so that they project on to you who they want you to be. Many people are searching for affirmation that who they are is acceptable. They want to be told by you that they are “okay.” This is the job of the individual who has fans: letting followers know that they are just fine the way they are.

In an ideal world this is an authentic procedure. In other words the message that you truly believe in is alligned with the message that your fans are seeking out.

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