who_is_your_audience_made_easy_emailTime to go back to the central idea – who? Who is your target audience?

If you want to build your audience it is highly recommended that you start an email newsletter. Even if this task sounds daunting, or if you think you have nothing to contribute – think. Everyone knows something about a certain topic. Uncover your topic and you have taken the first step toward building your audience through your newsletter.

Do you have a topic you are passionate about? Chances are that, that passion translates to you being an expert in something. Who could use this expertise? Remember, as long as you know more than your audience about a certain topic, you are an expert. Or even if members of your audience know more than you do, your job in that case is to help to remind them of what they know.

Breaking the idea of “Who?” down. Be very specific and look at what they do to achieve their wants. What is their problem? Your product, service or newsletter needs to be a solution to that problem. Sometimes the question “Who is my audience?” can be achieved through doing reverse engineering. Look first at your expertise then think in terms of what problem does your expertise solve for your audience?

Next you want to think about “Where?” Where am I going to find these people in their highest concentration? If you have started a blog on the topic of your expertise, you can approach prospective members of your audience online and ask them if you can do a story on this person in regards to her or his particular path. Integrating future audience members into your blog can be a win-win situation because you gain an audience member and ally and she or he gets some web publicity.

The key here is not big numbers but rather, audience-specific niches. Where do these very specific audience members get their information? If you are having a hard time figuring this out, start doing searches online in regards to key words that relate to the topic. This is a brainstorming session. Inserting key words into a search engine will provide you with fresh insight into locating your audience. Or, the key people behind the websites you discover could be future stories and interviews for your blog.

So “Who?” first and “Where?” second. Once we know where they are, ask yourself the question “What are their buying habits?

Consider going to the place where your customers are located. You may even uncover a future partner who reaches the same audience as yours.

If this is the case you could even offer a co-promotional venture for which you do an interview with this blogger and she or he does an interview with you.

Now we are at the “What?” What is it that they actually want to buy? We cannot stress enough that you want to think in terms of your solution to your audience’s problem. This will answer your question of “What?” The “What” is your solution.

How is your solution transmitted? Do you have an online ebook containing the solution or will you write one? Writing an ebook, although this may sound like challenging task, can actually be made more simple through “re-purposing.”

Chances are if you’re a blogger that you already have on your blog a lot of tips on your solution. This means that you can convert your blog entries into an ebook. Your audience will appreciate getting the solution they need all in one place. Truth be told, there are very few new ideas. Therefore your ebook might be reminding your audience of what they already know. This affirmation can give your audience the courage to pursue whatever it is that you are writing about.

Get specific in what your offer has to be to come across as desirable to that audience.

Finding a way to tap into being desirable to your audience is as easy as tapping into your own passion. If you are excited about your topic, you will be able to come up with reasons as to why your audience will want to purchase your item.