guerrilla_entrepreneurship_1_of_7_art_gush_blog_newsletterHello ArtisticPreneurs.

Here at Lights Camera Read we’ve received several emails and phone calls regarding folks wanting to know when the next Platinum PIAs (2018) will be occurring. You’re in luck because in this blog entry we’re going to detail that, as well as will be bringing you information regarding a brand new 7 part DIY series on Guerrilla Entrepreneurship.

First off, for those who were not yet aware of this, the Platinum Pias 2018 will be expanding the scope of its audience and judging policies by being broadcast internet-only in a secret selection process. This means that ANYONE who is subscribed to the “NYC Make a Difference” newsletter can be a judge.

If you would like to be able to vote in conjunction with a selection of 4 PIAs categories with 3 nominees each, be sure to email us back when you receive our current newsletter. You will be placed on a list and will be contacted on Sunday, April 15 with a private link to a video consisting of the 12 Platinum PIAs nominees so that you can make your decision as to who is making the most difference in her or his community or around the world. The winners will be announced to the public via the web on the same day that the Tribeca Film Festival 2018 will be launching which is Wednesday, April 18th.

Now on to installment 1 of 7 of Guerrilla Entrepreneurship. The full title of this series is “Guerrilla Entrepreneurship: How to Be an ArtisticPreneur by Starting and Marketing a Creative Business at No or Low Cost to Monetize Your Creativity in 7 Steps.”

• The first step of Guerrilla Entrepreneurship is figuring out the problem you are going to solve in the arts. What is a problem that people who practice your art form (or are in your industry) have? Write this down.
• You are out to solve a problem. Write down problem you will solve. It is a good idea, if you can, to choose a problem that you can solve for someone while online.
• How will you describe the problem you will solve? Write a description of this problem solving that you can later use in your Guerrilla Entrepreneurship website.
• Write details of how you specifically will solve this arts problem. If you are solving the problem online, this of course takes away the need for an office and opens up your market nationally and even internationally.
• Write sales copy of your problem solving as well as make it known the kind of customer you desire, emphasizing how your problem solving will benefit her or him.
• Take the material you have generated thus far and make it into a couple of paragraphs for your eventual website.
• Write details how you are different from the competition when it comes to solving this problem.
• Write additional sentences that detail your “competitive difference.”
• Combine all sentences into a “competitive difference” paragraph.
• Write down all the things you will need to purchase to solve this problem, if any. Common expenses (unless you can get freebies) are the actual tools and materials you will need to solve the problem.
• Write a sentence about where you will get the tools and materials you will need.
• Get all the tools and materials you will need to solve problems for others.
• Another area where you might have to pay for resources is with marketing. What are the marketing elements you will need to buy? These could include creative coaching, fan-building website design, client-creating email systems, digital marketing and online education. All of these products and services are available online.
• Actually acquire all the resources you will need for marketing.
• Implement the marketing setup you need to do to get customers.
• Figure out how you are going to qualify someone to be your customer or client. If online, what pages and questions do you have that will help you and you prospect to decide if you are a fit for each other?
• Write paragraph that will help you and potential customer decide if you are a good fit for each other.
• Fine tune this paragraph.
• It is recommended that the first thing you do is get the email address of your prospect. You can do this in conjunction with offering an eBook or video for their email. That is what having a client-creating email system is all about.
• Write an outline of the eBook or video that you will create as an incentive for the prospect to sign up for your email newsletter.
• Create the eBook or video.