Learning from doing is an effective approach to gain practical skills and knowledge that can lead to making a salary from your experience. Here are some steps to take to ensure that you learn from doing in a way that leads to making a salary:

Identify your area of interest: Start by identifying your area of interest and passion. This will help you stay motivated and committed to learning from doing. Whether it’s web development, graphic design, social media marketing, or any other field, choose what is interesting to you.

One of the best ways to learn is from teaching. Set clear goals: Set clear goals for what you want to achieve from your learn-from-doing experience. For example, if you want to become a web developer, set a goal to create a portfolio of websites that showcase your skills and experience. And do not forget your already existing knowledge

Start small: Start with small projects that allow you to practice your skills and build your confidence. This could be anything from designing a logo for a friend’s business to creating a social media marketing plan for a small nonprofit organization.

Get feedback: Seek feedback from others who are experienced in your field. This could be a mentor, a friend, or a colleague. Listen to their feedback and take it as an opportunity to improve your skills.

Build a portfolio: As you complete more projects, build a portfolio of your work. This can be a website or a digital file that showcases your best work. A portfolio is an essential tool that can help you get hired and earn a salary from your learn-from-doing experience.

Network: Build relationships with others in your field. Attend industry events, join online forums and groups, and connect with people on social media. Networking can help you learn from others, get feedback on your work, and find job opportunities.

Seek job opportunities: Once you have built your skills and portfolio, seek job opportunities that match your skills and interests. Look for job postings online, reach out to potential employers directly, and use your network to find job openings.

In conclusion, the best approach to learn from doing and lead to making a salary is to identify your area of interest, set clear goals, start small, get feedback, build a portfolio, network, and seek job opportunities. By following these steps and being persistent, you can turn your learn-from-doing experience into a career that pays you for your skills and knowledge.