Everyone is Creative

Lights Camera Read was created with best of intentions trying to bring USA Creativity to the forefront for young people. If the youth read books and hold creativity in high regard, they will discover that EVERYONE is Creative, no matter who they are.

Learning in the Library

Creativity is both good and bad personified, so even those who are not thought of as creative, can participate. It is a state of mind. It is a jumping off place. Back when Lights Camera Read was first initiated it was the Inwood Manhattan’s Library the partner of choice. Several exciting events for kids were done at various libraries.

Bye Bye Library

All was going well, even giving birth to an awards show that celebrates the best in human nature, those who are making a difference. But then that all changed. It was decided it was okay to knock down the current Inwood library, with the promise that when the new condos come to be, there will still be a place to dream. American Creativity. The best of intentions.