01-planning-campaign-newsletterIt is only now, nearly halfway through January, 2018, that we can begin to assess what 2017 was for us at Lights Camera Read in terms of our arts and educational programming and explorations.

For starters, this newsletter in 2017 underwent a transformation. Now more than ever we are about providing DIY solutions for artists and arts administrators to be able to communicate with, and build, their audience.

Our Lights Camera Read partner Art Gush turned one year old in August of 2017, marking an important landmark for this arts and media online education site.

Also in 2017 we celebrated what might be one of our last live Platinum Pias Community Awards Show for Artists. Depending on the feedback we get regarding the upcoming web version of the Pias on March 21, it may become an event that is online-only. The Platinum Pias are a tradition that we’ve been doing annually since 2010 and an event that many of you have attended over the years.

But probably the most important event for Lights Camera Read in 2017 was the decision that in 2018 the organization will likely undergo a makeover. It doesn’t mean that we’ll do away with Lights Camera Read entirely, but it does seem to indicate that another primary entity might be born to better serve you, our artists and arts administrators.

This new organization, should we decide to launch it, will be a powerful ally for artists and arts administrators everywhere.

It’s no secret that due to changes in our country, charitable arts organizations, like the fiscally sponsored Lights Camera Read, will likely have a much harder time with fundraising because there is no longer the incentive to donate in terms of tax benefits for donors.

This means we are not alone in our quest to make positive changes to flourish and be relevant in 2018.

We look forward to continuing to bring you audience and arts building tips as well as keeping you abreast of the Lights Camera Read 2018 metamorphosis!

P.S. This week on Art Gush we debut part 1 of 8 of the new DIY offering: “How to Do a Campaign.”