Motivated by One thing that Blossoms into Another

Sometimes you can find your audience by accident. You can be pursuing something that is important to you, when all of a sudden you have a lot of people interested in what you are doing and wish to come out to see it. Such was the case with “Lights Camera Read” which was a program that my wife and I created about a decade ago when our daughter was a toddler.

We Became a Traveling Troupe

Our motivation for creating “Lights, Camera Read” was to meet other parents in our Manhattan, NY neighborhood. Also, my wife and I come from performing backgrounds, so we also just wanted to develop a program that hopefully others would be interested in. In the beginning we just did shows at a local library, but it grew into being a “traveling troupe” performing at libraries in the city as well as the Bronx.

Staying Positive Can Help

It was a lot of fun for us to do, and it seemed to go over well with audiences. Eventually it lead to other gigs we had not anticipated. We bring this up because although it is good to have a plan, a METHOD HOW if you will, if you are driven by community, neighborhood and hopefully making a difference, you can some times be surprised by the positive results.

Ultimately the LCR Project Lead to Helping Others Develop their Audience

It was only many years later that I found myself developing strategies for audience building, taking things that happened accidently with the “Lights, Camera, Read” project and inserting them into a methodology. Coming soon will be a METHOD HOW you can both grow your business while making a difference. If one were to put all these ideas into a METHOD HOW to get new customers using a 10-step strategy, that might be of value to people?

One Project Can Lead to Another

We feel it can help others so we are continuing with our research on growing an audience. The thinking being that if you had the so-called “formula” then you would be able to engage in a process that is fast, easy effective and cheap. Something that might be useful to local small businesses or those that are online. We are working on the METHOD HOW to do it.

Neighborhood Small Businesses Need Our Patronage

For a small business that is local in your community, especially if they are in-person based, needs the neighborhood help to support them. From the standpoint of the small business, they need marketing solutions that are low or no cost. This is especially pressing because a lot of small business owners got hit in a negative manner by the pandemic. For most it was as a result of being an in-person business for which there was a period of time during which virtually no one went outside of their homes for services. Many of those people, including us here in NYC, would go to websites to order items as well as would get deliveries from local small businesses.

A METHOD HOW to Build Your Your Audience is on its Way Soon

It was a tough time for businesses, and especially the ones that did not have a digital or eCommerce presence. We were motivated by all of this, starting with “Lights, Camera, Read” to wanting to help businesses that experienced a harsh impact by COVID. A METHOD HOW to build your audience will be coming soon.