Reading, Teaching and Developing Business Strategies for Experts in their Industry

The Three Phases of Lights, Camera, Read

Although this site only goes back until 2016, the informal Lights, Camera, Read Collective dates back nearly ten years before that. The Platinum PIAs (People I Admire), started side by side with the Lights, Camera, Read site in 2010. And over the years since then, Lights, Camera, Read went through two phases, and now a third one.

Phase One: Encouraging others to Read

The first phase of Lights, Camera, Read, consisted of events in various New York Public Libraries in Manhattan, NYC, to encourage reading.

Phase Two: Library Media Workshops

This format later transformed into doing work for the New York Public Library, along with the amazing writer and NYPL librarian, Rodger Taylor. This was the second phase.

The Latest Evolution of LCR: Phase Three

And now the third is described by its work-in-progress slogan “Read and Use Strategies,” meaning to streamline the online business learning process, with strategies in the form of campaigns, from the quickly evolving METHOD HOW.

What the Future Holds for Phase Three:

The reason that integrating the reading of strategies is so important is because if someone is already an expert in an industry, they can learn the METHOD HOW to increase their visibility in their field.