nyc-make-a-difference-logo-smallThe “NYC Make a Difference” newsletter is the official newsletter of Lights Camera Read. What is Lights Camera Read? It is an educational nonprofit sponsored organization that has the mission to help introvert artists of all kinds (actors, writers, musicians, filmmakers and so forth) go from being “starving artists” to artist entrepreneurs via programs online and off including “Platinum Pias,” “Artist Introvert Revolution,” “Thrillumentary” “Art Gush” and an alliance of blogs.

We believe that introvert artists can make a difference in NYC and internationally if they receive empowerment. The empowerment that Lights Camera Read provides is that of methodologies. Step by step approaches to tasks that normally would require an extrovert orientation. Activities include making films and promoting one’s self and one’s art.

lights-camera-read-logo-smallAt Lights Camera Read we strive to make the solutions we offer for introvert artists without the “extroversion required” road blocks that introvert artists normally experience. We hope for a world where introvert and extrovert artists can work together in harmony.

We feel that many of the globe’s troubles comes out of misunderstanding regarding the difference between introvert artists and extrovert artists. So being clear about how introverts and extroverts are the same and different is very important.

Some of you reading this are introvert artists and others are extroverts. We are very interested in your creative experiences involving introversion and extroversion coming together successfully (or unsuccessfully) in collaborations. Please let us know.