feedback2Last week we asked NYC Make a Difference newsletter readers to give us their feedback about whether or not the Platinum Pias Community Awards Show for Artists should become an online-only event so people all over the world can participate more easily. Your responses were unexpected and interesting.

Many of you clicked through from last week’s email newsletter and went to the Lights Camera Read blog where you read the full article. In the article there is mention of a cyber awards show possibly being more palatable to introvert artists so they don’t have to attend a live and crowded awards show (which is not a shy person’s idea of a good time). This seemed to resonate with lots of folks.

One suggestion we received was that we consider doing the best of both worlds and stream the show so others can enjoy. Though, a member of the Artist Introvert Revolution felt that the time had come for introvert artists to have their own awards show.

But to be clear, this is not about making the Platinum Pias introverts-only, it’s finding a way that more people can participate who don’t live near NYC. And yes, the awards being online might make it more introvert friendly.

It goes back to what the Platinum Pias are all about which is recognizing artists (introverts and extroverts) who are making a difference in their communities.

One concept that someone came up with that I thought was intriguing was to re-nominate some of the nominees who didn’t win over the last 8 (almost 9!) years. The idea being that there have been some incredibly talented and benevolent individuals who deserve to be recognized.