We’ve been getting feedback from those who do not live in (or have easy access to) New York City that they would like to participate in the Platinum Pias process more.

It’s true that holding the Platinum Pias Community Awards Show in Manhattan, the Big Apple, precludes the involvement in some facets of those who live in other places nationally and internationally. One suggestion that came to our attention recently was to hold the Pias as an entirely online event.

One of the benefits of holding the Platinum Pias as a cyber-only happening is that we would no longer need to have designated judges and could rely on all of you to give your input as to who the winners should be.

Plus, and perhaps most importantly, if the Platinum Pias was done as an “online edition” we presumably would have more introvert artist participation since for many shy individuals the prospect of going to a crowded live awards show is not their idea of a good time.

We’re interested in your feedback of the pros and cons of the situation. It’s not a decision that has to be made immediately for 2018, but will need to be decided on soon enough.

Members of the “Artist Introvert Revolution” (A.I.R.) be sure to give your input also. We’re looking forward to hearing from you all – both introverts and extroverts.