ebook-print-booksPublishing your own Amazon Kindle eBook is a lot easier than you might think.

Why publish an Amazon Kindle eBook? It can be helpful for your career. If you are an artist – especially an introvert artist – here’s a way you can establish yourself as an expert and help people at the same time.

Do you have a particular solution to a problem that those in your art form experience? This is the perfect forum to painlessly get your name out there as an artist.

How do you do it? Much of the information you need can be found via the link below. The “K.D.P.” stands for “Kindle Direct Publishing.”


We are considering writing a book about “Amazon Kindle Publishing for Introvert Artists” after we finish and publish the eBook we’re working on now – “Web Marketing Strategies for Introvert Artists.” The new book would be about the process we went through to publish the first eBook.

What do you think about Kindle Direct Publishing and does it seem useful to you? Let us know (if you’d like).