The Written Word

At Lights Camera Read we put the light often time on readers but it is time we explored writers. Readers can make great writers because they have spent a tremendous amount of time enjoying books so they know the domain and often have an easier time than others to transmute that experience into the written word.

Get the Words Out

Have you ever tried to write? Do you write? Do you want to write? If you have never written and are afraid at what the result will be, fear not, there are lots of ways to make writing easier. For example, it is important to figure out the methodology that is just write for you. Will you write into a notebook. Will you use a laptop? Or even your phone? How will you get your words out?

You CAN be a Writer

The bottom line is that the best way to write is to write. Remember the phrase “writing is rewriting.” The first draft rarely will hold together. So given that fact, allow this to motivate you as a writer. What you write does not have to be stellar. Though it most likely is better than you think. One method is to write, write, write and never stop. Then take your rough draft and rewrite, rewrite, rewrite. Do this for the full document a number of times and you will not just be a reader but a writer as well!