diy-artist-blogArtists of all kinds, regardless of your art form, sometimes have a hard time marketing themselves. But the fact is, to be successful, you’ve got to get out there and talk about yourself.

And the good news is that today, because of technology resources, it has never been as fun and easy.

It all starts with branding. You want to get people thinking about your work in terms of a word or a feeling. Something simple is always best.

You want to aspire to inspire others. You want your work to inspire someone to do something. All the big companies do this. They often focus less on the benefits of what they are selling and more on the feeling that the brand creates.

Imagine getting people writing you telling you how much what you do has changed their lives. That’s where you want to head.

It is like starting a dialogue – an interaction with your fans. For example, starting a YouTube channel can help make this happen. By creating a channel that helps people in some way that is related to your work, the responses in the comments can make you feel good. It can keep you going.

Don’t worry about the haters who sometimes leave messages, if you are sincere in your approach, making a new video a week can help you build a fanbase. And be sure to put keywords that relate to your work in the tags section as well as place a link back to your personal arts website.

Or take for example the newsletter you are reading. We enjoy hearing from you with your questions and feedback. This is a big part of why we keep producing.

But before doing any of this, the first thing you have to do is figure out what it is you stand for. Remember, your art makes people feel something. You have to make people feel through your art.

What is it you make people feel? Is it calm? Is it anger? Whatever it is, for starters, you want to be able to describe it in a sentence. For example, the core of what you are doing could be for all those who feel “different” you will provide empowerment. In other words a feeling of strength and empowerment for all those who dare to go down a different road. And next reduce it all down to one word. In the case of our example that word might be “Empowered.”

Once you are clear on what you stand for, you can then start some social media accounts including possibly Twitter, Facebook and a blog. Plus maybe a YouTube channel as mentioned earlier. These are all ways you can share your thoughts and feelings based on your word. Your art can come into play by drawing from it to illustrate points that you make.

You are working toward becoming an artist who stands for something specific and who is starting a movement that makes people feel something.

Think about the artists who you admire. Chances are they are doing this.

Remember, you have an opportunity now to share your process. Explain your art. Tell us why you created it and what it represents to you. Of course there are those who want to keep interpretation to themselves. If this is the case with you, then this can be a part of how you represent yourself.

Another thing you can do in your sharing is share other things that related to your brand, you word. For example if your art is meant to empower, then you can share books, passages, quotes, photos and so forth that also evoke that word.

The idea is that you are the head of this movement that you are creating. You want people to experience your art and feel the word you have selected.

Everything you share on social media will now be about your word.

You can also juxtapose the art of others to show from where your inspiration comes. Of course, the art you share of others should relate to your word.

Also, you can partner up with people who believe in the same thing.

People are searching for a feeling. They want a feeling to come across. It is all about feeling and sharing emotions.

It can be a challenging process and one that at first may not feel as though it is succeeding. But if you narrow your focus and are persistent it will happen for you.

You need to stop trying to be everything for everyone. You have a specific audience and that audience should be searching for the word that you represent. You’re not just creating your art for yourself anymore. You are creating a community, a movement.

What you are doing is sharing passion about that keyword that you have chosen. So what is your word?