thrillumentary-international-bandHi, Yianni Stamas here.

The Lights Camera Read crew asked me to do an update on the Platinum Pias Community Awards Show for Artists coming March, 2017.

We are already hard at work on it and most of the nominees are in, but they won’t be announced until early January when we do a major casting push for our movie in development, “Thrillumentary.”

Yes, “Thrillumentary” is the big news for the upcoming Platinum Pias because, in a manner of speaking, the Pias are going to have a feature film made about them. Of course the motion picture is fictional and has a murder mystery twist.

Why also is “Thrillumentary” an important aspect of the Platinum Pias? Because the production of this flick marks the beginning of a new tradition which is to collaborate with artists, some of whom will be nominated if they are making a difference in their communities.

For example, the “Thrillumentary” International Band (doing the “Thrillumentary” soundtrack) has been nominated in the “Musician Section” due to the fact they symbolize a unified planet Earth. The band consists of music makers working electronically with each other from all over the world including Bulgaria, Ireland, England, Oregon, New York, Berlin and more.

As mentioned in this article on the Platinum Pias website, the photo above is the first known picture of the Thrillumentary International Band.