You are Your Own Best Teacher

From age 8 to 18 I took what started as a hobby became a means of bringing in income. I would do everything from birthday parties, to company employee dinners as well as magic and theater productions with a storyline. I was a magician, entirely self taught. There was no other way to learn to be a conjurer available to me, living in small towns while growing up.

In fact, by the time I was age 11, I was sometimes hired by parents to teach their kids how to do magic. It was through those early years that I learned just how powerful being self taught in front of my practice mirror could be. This is because it lead me to being able to book shows, thereby getting experience too.

The idea of DIY (Do it Yourself) is not always the first choice of most people. This is probably because the idea of having to learn and teach ourselves at the same time can be overwhelming.

But in my case as a kid and then teen magician, I loved doing magic, it was my whole world. Therefore I was committed to doing whatever was necessary to get the skills, even if it meant using a book and spending hours to perfect just one part of a sleight of hand routine.

I should mention that doing magic for me was many years ago, pre-online. This meant having no choice but to educate myself on my own. These days of course there are video sites with many options in terms of topics, including magic.

What is the learning secret? It’s really not that secret at all. The “secret” to teaching yourself is possible through being very motivated.