This week’s Art Gush online course that we are creating is on the topic of your vision and mission. Therefore we are going to focus this blog entry in that direction as well.

If you have a nonprofit organization, having a vision and mission is vital, but even if you run a for-profit business, a vision and mission can be helpful. Plus, if you’re a freelancer or work at a job, it is a good exercise for fine tuning your point of view to create a vision and mission.

First off what is a vision and mission and what are the differences between the two? A vision is how you would like things to be and a mission is how you are going to get there. A success pathway can be broken down even further into five phases: (1) vision, (2) mission, (3) goals, (4) strategy and (5) action plans.

For example, we make weekly online Art Gush video/PDF courses for introvert artists. Lately we’ve decided to spotlight Art Gush more. So our vision is to create a world where introvert artists are empowered by Art Gush. And our mission is to let introvert artists know there is an online Art Gush solution that can help them achieve their objectives. Our goal is to get more introvert artists to sign up, so our strategy is to use our newsletter to promote the courses. And finally our action plan is to write an article about it for our blog and newsletter.

The vision and mission process can assist you if you need to juggle multiple projects like we do. We have our online courses plus blog/newsletter as well as other undertakings to contend with. In other words we have at least three things going on at any given moment so if these endeavors can share the same vision and mission – or even synergize in the workflow – it can make life less confusing.